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100 Programs for the Commodore 64
Author: John Gordon & Ian McLean
Publisher: 1984 Prentice Hall International
ISBN: 0-13-634650-2

Page: 43-45, Program: Guess the Number
Page: 46-47, Program: Reaction Test
Page: 48-51, Program: Mastermind
Page: 52-59, Program: Destroyer
Page: 60-66, Program: Monster Island
Page: 67-73, Program: Fighter
Page: 74-81, Program: Bat 'n' Moth

101 Programming Surprises & Tricks for Your Commodore 64 Computer
Author: David L. Heiserman
Publisher: 1985 Tab Books, Inc.
ISBN: 0-83-060951-2

Page: ??, Program: Arrow Shoot
Page: ??, Program: Asteroids
Page: ??, Program: Ballistic Missiles
Page: ??, Program: Battleship Game
Page: ??, Program: Betting Hi/Lo Game
Page: ??, Program: Blackjack
Page: ??, Program: Cards at War
Page: ??, Program: Coal Miner
Page: ??, Program: Code Skill Builder
Page: ??, Program: Combination Lock Game
Page: ??, Program: Count the Stars
Page: ??, Program: Fair Dice Game
Page: ??, Program: Fair Shell Game
Page: ??, Program: Flashing-Letters Game
Page: ??, Program: Football
Page: ??, Program: Gopher Hunt
Page: ??, Program: Kingpong
Page: ??, Program: Letter-Scramble Game
Page: ??, Program: Lifeguard
Page: ??, Program: Lunar-Lander Game
Page: ??, Program: Missing Letters
Page: ??, Program: Number-Sequence Test
Page: ??, Program: Paper-Scissors-Stone
Page: ??, Program: Parachute Jumper
Page: ??, Program: Random Maze
Page: ??, Program: Reaction-Time Tester
Page: ??, Program: River Crossing
Page: ??, Program: Roach Race
Page: ??, Program: Russian Roulette
Page: ??, Program: Simple Simon
Page: ??, Program: States, Capitals and Cities
Page: ??, Program: Stock Market
Page: ??, Program: Submarine Command
Page: ??, Program: Super Wumpus
Page: ??, Program: Tacky Tic-Tac-Toe
Page: ??, Program: US Presidents Quiz
Page: ??, Program: Wildcatter
Page: ??, Program: Word-Find Puzzle Generator
Page: ??, Program: Word-Scramble Game
Page: ??, Program: Wumpus

25 Advanced Games for the Commdore 64
Author: Larry Hatch
Publisher: 1984 Reston Publishing Company Inc.
ISBN: 0-8359-7893-1

Page: 15-23, Program: Raging Robots
Page: 24-31, Program: Crab Races
Page: 32-41, Program: Flatcat
Page: 42-50, Program: Tic Tec Tac Toc Toe
Page: 51-49, Program: Crosstracks
Page: 60-65, Program: Crypto (Not a game)
Page: 66-76, Program: Keno
Page: 77-83, Program: Saucers
Page: 84-91, Program: Blackjack
Page: 92-99, Program: Magic Cube
Page: 100-106, Program: Magic Circles
Page: 107-115, Program: 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe
Page: 116-125, Program: Gypsy Moth Invasion
Page: 126-133, Program: Polyform (Not a game)
Page: 134-141, Program: Reds
Page: 142-150, Program: Quantum Billiards
Page: 151-159, Program: The Thing
Page: 160-166, Program: Pocket Puzzle
Page: 167-173, Program: Fill the Curve (Not a game)
Page: 174-181, Program: BANDIT
Page: 182-188, Program: Entrigma (Not a game)
Page: 189-193, Program: Decahex (Not a game)
Page: 194-201, Program: Passline (Not a game)
Page: 202-209, Program: Zinger
Page: 210-217, Program: Torpedo

29 Programs for the Commodore 64/264
Author: S.D. Roberts
Publisher: 1984 Elcomp Publishing, Inc./Ing. W. Hofacker GmbH
ISBN: 3-88963-055-3

Page: 1-6, Program: Runfill
Page: 7-11, Program: Wallbreaker
Page: 13-22, Program: Mastermind
Page: 23-28, Program: Snake Game
Page: 29-42, Program: Super Sprite Editor (Not a game)
Page: 43-50, Program: Landing Simulator
Page: 51, Program: Butterfly (Not a game)
Page: 53-54, Program: Eternal Calendar (Not a game)
Page: 55-57, Program: Bomber
Page: 59-61, Program: Bouncing Ball
Page: 63-65, Program: Take a Match
Page: 67-68, Program: Bring Over
Page: 69-73, Program: Tic-Tac-Vic
Page: 75-78, Program: Airbattle - Shoot Off Planes
Page: 79-85, Program: Hangman (aka Wordgame)
Page: 87-90, Program: Shooting Gallery
Page: 91-97, Program: Reversi
Page: 99-104, Program: Biorhythm (Not a game)
Page: 105-110, Program: Worldtime (Not a game)
Page: 111-112, Program: Reaction
Page: 113-115, Program: Print Using (Not a game)
Page: 117-118, Program: Hires Plot (Not a game)
Page: 119-128, Program: 3-D Plot (Not a game)
Page: 129-132, Program: Function Keys (Not a game)
Page: 133-134, Program: Calculation of PI (Not a game)
Page: 135-136, Program: Screen Graffiti (Not a game)
Page: 137, Program: Day of the Week (Not a game)
Page: 139-140, Program: Number Conversion (Not a game)
Page: 141-143, Program: Forecasting (Not a game)

35 Amazing Games for Your Commodore 64
Author: John Mihalik
Publisher: 1984 HP Books
ISBN: 0-89586-316-2

Page: 8-9, Program: Shoot the Rapids
Page: 10-12, Program: Night Sky
Page: 13-14, Program: Space Maneuvers
Page: 15-17, Program: Missile Defense
Page: 18-19, Program: Wallbangers
Page: 20-21, Program: Rear Gunner
Page: 22-24, Program: Le Mans
Page: 25-27, Program: Moon Lander
Page: 28-30, Program: Gambler
Page: 31-33, Program: Orion
Page: 34-36, Program: Berserkotron
Page: 37-39, Program: Shell Game
Page: 40-43, Program: Pirates
Page: 44-45, Program: Master Code
Page: 46-49, Program: A Day at the Races
Page: 50-53, Program: Lost Dutchman Mine
Page: 54-56, Program: Biorhythm
Page: 57-59, Program: Queen of the Nile
Page: 60-61, Program: Thin Ice
Page: 62-65, Program: Bomb Squad
Page: 66-70, Program: Utopia
Page: 71-73, Program: Tic-Tac-Toe
Page: 74-76, Program: Dice Racers
Page: 77-84, Program: Alien
Page: 85-86, Program: Hangman
Page: 87-90, Program: Dr. Sigmund
Page: 91-94, Program: Spatial Concepts
Page: 95-98, Program: Mind Reader
Page: 99-100, Program: Poetry
Page: 101-103, Program: No Free Lunch
Page: 104-105, Program: Spelling Bee
Page: 106-109, Program: Speed Reading
Page: 110-111, Program: Pre-School Counter
Page: 112-113, Program: Keyboard Shooting Gallery
Page: 114-115, Program: Translator

40 Educational Games for the Commodore 64
Author: Vince Apps
Publisher: 1983 Granada Publishing Ltd.
ISBN: 0-246-12318-4

Page: 10-14, Program: Counties
Page: 15-21, Program: Village
Page: 22-25, Program: Multiplication and Division
Page: 26-29, Program: Addition and Subtraction
Page: 30-33, Program: Sum Difference
Page: 34-36, Program: Bar Chart
Page: 37-41, Program: Master Brain
Page: 42-45, Program: English/French
Page: 46-49, Program: Fizz/Buzz
Page: 50-54, Program: Highway Code
Page: 55-58, Program: Guess the Number
Page: 59-63, Program: Word Mix
Page: 64-66, Program: Constellations
Page: 67-71, Program: History Quiz
Page: 72-75, Program: Spelling Test
Page: 76-79, Program: Speed Reading
Page: 80-83, Program: Area Estimation
Page: 84-86, Program: Number Series
Page: 87-92, Program: Morse Code
Page: 93-97, Program: Areas
Page: 98-101, Program: Missing Letter
Page: 102-105, Program: Duck Shoot
Page: 106-109, Program: Missing Numbers
Page: 110-114, Program: Hangman
Page: 115-118, Program: Organ
Page: 119-122, Program: Anagram
Page: 123-127, Program: Compass
Page: 128-131, Program: Submarine
Page: 132-135, Program: Word Search
Page: 136-139, Program: Noughts and Crosses
Page: 140-144, Program: Towns
Page: 145-149, Program: Vowel Chase
Page: 150-154, Program: Parachute
Page: 155-158, Program: Racer
Page: 159-163, Program: Proverbs
Page: 164-168, Program: Simon
Page: 169-173, Program: Balance
Page: 174-177, Program: Chemist
Page: 178-183, Program: Odd Word Out
Page: 184-188, Program: Science Quiz

64 Programme für den Commodore 64
Author: C. Lorenz
Publisher: 1984 Ing. W. Hofacker GmbH
ISBN: 3-88963-145-2

Page: 106-109, Program: Slotmaschine
Page: 110-113, Program: TIC - TAC - VIC
Page: 114-117, Program: Luftkrieg (mit Ton)
Page: 118-124, Program: Reversa
Page: 125-126, Program: Ballspiel
Page: 127-133, Program: Hangman
Page: 134-137, Program: Schiessbude
Page: 138-140, Program: Memoversa
Page: 141-143, Program: Kanibalen
Page: 144-146, Program: Namensspiel
Page: 147-148, Program: JANEIN
Page: 149-150, Program: Einfaches Zahlenraten
Page: 151-152, Program: Bildschirmspiel
Page: 153-156, Program: Black Jack
Page: 157-168, Program: Glücksrad
Page: 159-161, Program: Bomber

A Computer Adventure Game - Island of Secrets
Author: Jenny Tyler & Les Howarth
Publisher: Usborne Publishing Limited
ISBN: 1-85123-045-9

Page: 20-29, Program: Island of Secrets (by Scott Shumway)

A Computer Adventure Game - The Mystery of Silver Mountain
Author: Chris Oxlade & Judy Tatchell
Publisher: Usborne Publishing Limited
ISBN: 1-85123-047-5 (USA) & 0-86020-825-7 (UK)

Page: 18-28, Program: Mystery of Silver Mountain, The (by Scott Shumway)

A Guide to Programming the Commodore Computers
Author: Bruce Presley
Publisher: Lawrenceville Press, Inc.

Page: ??, Program: Bomb in a Box
Page: ??, Program: Guessing Game
Page: ??, Program: Math Quiz
Page: ??, Program: Nim
Page: ??, Program: Roulette Wheel
Page: ??, Program: Space Game

Adventure Games for the Commodore 64
Author: A. J. Bradbury
Publisher: 1984 Granada Publishing Ltd.
ISBN: 0-246-12412-1

Page: 197-209, Program: Case of the Missing Adventure, The

Adventure Gamewriter's Handbook
Author: Joerg Walkowiak
Publisher: 1985 DATA BECKER GmbH/Abacus Software Inc.
ISBN: 0-916439-14-3

Page: 177-195, Program: Gold Fever
Page: 196-207, Program: The Enchanted Castle
Page: 208-215, Program: The Adventure Editor (Not a Game)
Page: 216-221, Program: The Adventure Interpreter (Not a Game)

Adventures for your Commodore 64
Author: David Estall
Publisher: 1984 Interface Publications/Virgin Books
ISBN: 0-86369-061-0

Page: 15-28, Program: Pearl Diver
Page: 29-52, Program: Guardians of Arimathea, The
Page: 53-63, Program: Hunt ther Wumpus
Page: 64-84, Program: Everyday Adventure
Page: 85-93, Program: Schools Out
Page: 94-107, Program: Computer Adventure

 Adventures - und wie man sie programmiert
Author: Jörg Walkowiak
Publisher: Data Becker GmbH

Page: ??, Program: Goldrausch
Page: ??, Program: Verzauberte Schloss, Das

Amazin' Games - Programs from Family Computing
Publisher: 1985 Family Computing

Page: 9-17, Program: Amazin
Page: 18-24, Program: Ski Trek
Page: 25-33, Program: Renegade Robot I
Page: 34-43, Program: Renegade Robot II
Page: 44-52, Program: Poison Ivy
Page: 53-62, Program: The Monster in the Marsh
Page: 63-69, Program: Water Balloons
Page: 70-80, Program: Word Scramble

Antagonisten, De
Author: Hal Renko & Sam Edwards
Publisher: 1984 Addison-Wesley Nederland
ISBN: 90-6789-019-7

Program: Antagonisten, De

Arcade Explorers - The Electronic Hurricane
Author: Seth McEvoy & Laure Smith
Publisher: 1985 Dell Publishing Co., Inc.

Page: ??, Program: Electronic Hurricane, The

Arcade Explorers - The Magnetic Ghost of Shadow Island
Author: Seth McEvoy & Laure Smith
Publisher: 1985 Dell Publishing Co., Inc.

Page: ??, Program: Magnetic Ghost of Shadow Island, The

Arcade Explorers - Revenge of the Raster Gang
Author: Seth McEvoy & Laure Smith
Publisher: 1985 Dell Publishing Co., Inc.

Page: ??, Program: Revenge of the Raster Gang

Arcade Explorers - Save the Venturians!
Author: Seth McEvoy & Laure Smith
Publisher: 1985 Dell Publishing Co., Inc.

Page: ??, Program: Save the Venturians!

Arcade Games for the Commodore 64
Author: Mary Ann Chapman & David Harper (Editors)
Publisher: 1985 CBS College Publishing

Page: ??, Program: Rocket Lander
Page: ??, Program: Squirrel Away
Page: ??, Program: Ghost Hunt
Page: ??, Program: Firecracker Boy
Page: ??, Program: Into the Pot
Page: ??, Program: Yorick's Revenge
Page: ??, Program: Space Crash
Page: ??, Program: Blobbis, The
Page: ??, Program: Sound the Whistle
Page: ??, Program: Bumper Ball
Page: ??, Program: Ride the Wind
Page: ??, Program: Death Valley Patrol
Page: ??, Program: Mission: Tobor
Page: ??, Program: Cosmo's Revenge
Page: ??, Program: Mazemaster

Arcade Games for your Commodore 64
Author: Brett Hale
Publisher: 1984 Corgi/Addison-Wesley
ISBN: 0-552-99125-2

Page: 1-9, Program: Moon Lander
Page: 10-21, Program: Indi 2000
Page: 22-32, Program: Bricklayer
Page: 33-39, Program: City Terror
Page: 40-48, Program: Surface Lander
Page: 49-53, Program: Sub Attack
Page: 54-77, Program: Leaper
Page: 78-87, Program: Tick
Page: 88-94, Program: Speed Racer
Page: 95-102, Program: Freighter Patrol
Page: 103-110, Program: Vad

Astounding Arcade Games for your Commodore 64
Author: Gary Ryan
Publisher: 1984 Interface Publications
ISBN: 0-947695-12-5

Page: 3-9, Program: Martian Encounter
Page: 10-16, Program: Grand Prix
Page: 17-22, Program: Asteroid Death Ship

BASIC computerspellen voor de Commodore 64
Author: M.Th.A.M. Vijftigschild
Publisher: Kluwer Technische Boeken B.V. Deventer

Page: ??, Program: 31 Fiches
Page: ??, Program: Blijde, De
Page: ??, Program: Boederij Zeldenrust
Page: ??, Program: Compusaurus, De
Page: ??, Program: Dobbelsteen
Page: ??, Program: Eenentwintigen
Page: ??, Program: Galgje
Page: ??, Program: Gokken
Page: ??, Program: Hoog-Laag
Page: ??, Program: Kolenmijn, De
Page: ??, Program: Letters
Page: ??, Program: Maanlander
Page: ??, Program: Mastermind
Page: ??, Program: Mijn Computer
Page: ??, Program: Rigel Zuiderkwartier
Page: ??, Program: Ruimtevaartuig
Page: ??, Program: Slag bij de Shrixheuvels, De
Page: ??, Program: Stadhouder van Flipflopland, De
Page: ??, Program: Sul en Xantippe
Page: ??, Program: Vier op een Rij
Page: ??, Program: Zandplaneet Silico, De

BASIC Computer-Spiele für Commdore 64
Author: H.H. Schutte & M. Vijftigschild
Publisher: 1985 Pflaum Verlag Munchen
ISBN: 3-7905-0419-X

Page: 9-10, Program: Mein Computer
Page: 11-13, Program: 31 Spielsteine
Page: 14-17, Program: Würfel
Page: 18-23, Program: Pasch und Xanthippe
Page: 24-27, Program: Hoch niedrig
Page: 28-30, Program: Gluecksspiel
Page: 37-47, Program: Henker
Page: 48-52, Program: Mastermind
Page: 53-59, Program: Vier in einer Reihe
Page: 60-61, Program: Entfernungs-Geschwindigkeitstest
Page: 62-64, Program: Quiz
Page: 65-66, Program: Heini
Page: 67-69, Program: Safari
Page: 75-79, Program: Mondlander
Page: 80-87, Program: Raumfahrzeug
Page: 88-90, Program: Planetenlandung
Page: 91-96, Program: Wurfmaschine
Page: 97-104, Program: jagende Compusaurus, Der
Page: 105-111, Program: Sandplanet Silico, Der
Page: 112-118, Program: Rigel Südquartier
Page: 119-127, Program: Schlacht an den Shrixhügeln, Die
Page: 128-129, Program: UFO
Page: 131-139, Program: Bergwerk
Page: 140-147, Program: Bauernhof Nimmermüd
Page: 148-156, Program: Statthalter von Flipflopland

 BASIC Computer Programs for the Home

Best of PCW Software for the Commodore 64
Author: Jane Green (Editor)
Publisher: 1984 Personal Computer World and Century Communications Ltd.
ISBN: 0-7126-05029

Page: 4-12, Program: Balloon (by David A. Ponting)
Page: 19-26, Program: Blaster (by Philip Gostling)
Page: 34-40, Program: Robotank (by David A. Ponting)
Page: 41-56, Program: Map Quiz (by Cleveland I.T.E.C.)
Page: 47-52, Program: Fighter Pilot (by David A. Ponting)
Page: 68-76, Program: Patience (by Jeremy Hammett)
Page: 77-89, Program: Search & Rescue (by Jeremy Hammett)
Page: 90-97, Program: Solar System (by Scott Talling)
Page: 98-108, Program: Convoy (by Jeremy Hammett)
Page: 112-119, Program: Guardian (by James H Marsden)
Page: 120-137, Program: Tarot (by Brian Coupe)
Page: 155-167, Program: Cheese (by Jeremy Hammett)
Page: 180-197, Program: Trekstar (by Jeremy Hammett)

Big Fat Book of Commodore 64 Games, The
Author: Tim Hartnell & Brett Hale
Publisher: Interface Publications

Page: ??, Program: Alien Attack
Page: ??, Program: Alphabetica
Page: ??, Program: Big Blue Elephants
Page: ??, Program: Boxing Champ
Page: ??, Program: Bunco
Page: ??, Program: Bursting Clouds
Page: ??, Program: Chop & Change
Page: ??, Program: CPU Prisoner
Page: ??, Program: Cube of Eleusis
Page: ??, Program: Detective Q
Page: ??, Program: Disaster Flight
Page: ??, Program: First Bull Run
Page: ??, Program: Four Square
Page: ??, Program: Gettysburg Dice
Page: ??, Program: Go Fish
Page: ??, Program: Halving the Ton
Page: ??, Program: Hexperty
Page: ??, Program: Imperial Castle
Page: ??, Program: Invisible Bricklayer
Page: ??, Program: Klondike Bill
Page: ??, Program: Magician's Maze
Page: ??, Program: Marran Race
Page: ??, Program: Ore Seekers, The
Page: ??, Program: Poker
Page: ??, Program: Power Play
Page: ??, Program: Quest of Riemannian
Page: ??, Program: Red Sedan II
Page: ??, Program: Reflex Bowling Alley
Page: ??, Program: Scat Bikes
Page: ??, Program: Seawolf
Page: ??, Program: Secret Agent
Page: ??, Program: Squisher & Squasher
Page: ??, Program: Starbase 2000
Page: ??, Program: Towers of Neptune
Page: ??, Program: Voyages of Ferdinand Magellan

Blast Off with BASIC GAMES for your Commodore 64
Author: David D Busch
Publisher: 1984 Robert J. Brady Co.
ISBN: 0-89303-333-2

Page: ??, Program: Target Shoot
Page: ??, Program: Bandit    (Already Typed In)
Page: ??, Program: Smother Hack Crush [aka ""Paper Rock Scissors""]    (Already Typed In)
Page: ??, Program: Vegas [aka ""Dice""]    (Already Typed In)
Page: ??, Program: Draw (Not a game)
Page: ??, Program: Nerves
Page: ??, Program: Reflex
Page: ??, Program: Masterpiece
Page: ??, Program: Decipher    (Already Typed In)
Page: ??, Program: Amazement    (Already Typed In)
Page: ??, Program: Tunnel Run
Page: ??, Program: Phrase Guess    (Already Typed In)
Page: ??, Program: Bomber    (Already Typed In)
Page: ??, Program: Sky Diver    (Already Typed In)
Page: ??, Program: Sky Pilot
Page: ??, Program: Keyboard Tutor (Not a game)
Page: ??, Program: Word Search
Page: ??, Program: Cleanup    (Already Typed In)
Page: ??, Program: Bubble    (Already Typed In)
Page: ??, Program: Hammurabi    (Already Typed In)
Page: ??, Program: Memory Master    (Already Typed In)
Page: ??, Program: Mixup    (Already Typed In)
Page: ??, Program: Probe
Page: ??, Program: Elimination    (Already Typed In)
Page: ??, Program: Deadline

Brainteasers for the Commodore 64
Author: Geneviève Ludinski
Publisher: 1983 Phoenix Publishing Associates
ISBN: 0-9465-7609-2

Page: 5-10, Program: Hexagon Puzzle
Page: 11-15, Program: Safecracker
Page: 16-22, Program: Spot the Difference
Page: 23-28, Program: Saints to Sinners
Page: 29-33, Program: Relations
Page: 34-38, Program: Don't Paint the Cat
Page: 39-43, Program: Sequence Countdown
Page: 44-49, Program: What's Yours
Page: 50-55, Program: Pattern Pairs
Page: 56-60, Program: Concentration Test
Page: 61-66, Program: Odd One Out
Page: 67-74, Program: Decisive Hero
Page: 75-80, Program: Western Adventure Game
Page: 81-87, Program: Detective
Page: 88-92, Program: Bar Charter (Not a Game)
Page: 93-98, Program: Stats Painter
Page: 99-103, Program: Who Dunnit
Page: 104-108, Program: Word Search
Page: 109-114, Program: Fractions and Percentages
Page: 115-127, Program: Francis Drake Adventure Game
Page: 128-132, Program: A-Maze-ing
Page: 133-137, Program: Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind
Page: 138-143, Program: Wire Maze

Bumper Book of Games for the Commodore 64, The
Publisher: 1984 Interface Publications
ISBN: 0-9476-9510-9

Page: ??, Program: Awari (by Tim Hartnell)
Page: ??, Program: Battle (by William Leader)
Page: ??, Program: Chase (by William Leader)
Page: ??, Program: Checkers (by Tim Hartnell)
Page: ??, Program: Compendium of Games (by Gary Wilson)
Page: ??, Program: Demolition Derby (by William Leader)
Page: ??, Program: Flexi-Lotto (by Flavio Giurco)
Page: ??, Program: Gomoku (by Tim Hartnell)
Page: ??, Program: Hangman for Two (by Flavio Giurco)
Page: ??, Program: Jailbreak (by William Leader)
Page: ??, Program: Karzalean Attack (by Daniel Quinn)
Page: ??, Program: Knightsbride (by Tim Hartnell)
Page: ??, Program: Match Mates (by Flavio Giurco)
Page: ??, Program: Mutant Birds (by William Leader)
Page: ??, Program: Robots of Xerxes (by Tim Hartnell)
Page: ??, Program: Scavenger (by Daniel Quinn)
Page: ??, Program: Solo Hangman (by Flavio Giurco)
Page: ??, Program: Space Battle (by William Leader)
Page: ??, Program: Stock Take (by Flavio Giurco)
Page: ??, Program: Triple Teaser (by Flavio Giurco)
Page: ??, Program: Trucker (by Mark Astley)
Page: ??, Program: Tunnel Journey (by Gary Wilson)

C+VG Book of Games (Feb 1984)
Author: Various Authors
Publisher: Computer & Video Games Magazine

Page: 30-31, Program: Snakes 64 (by Justin Vetta)

C+VG Book of Games (Jul 1984)
Author: Various Authors
Publisher: Computer & Video Games Magazine

Page: 15-18, Program: Martian Invasion
Page: 29-31, Program: Hot Air (by David Estall)
Page: 37-41, Program: Ludo (by A E Baker)

C+VG Book of Games (Feb 1985)
Author: Various Authors
Publisher: Computer & Video Games Magazine

Page: 42-43, Program: Pipeline (by Hasit Zala)

C+VG Book of Games (Jul 1985)
Author: Various Authors
Publisher: Computer & Video Games Magazine

Page: 4-7, Program: Meteor (by Allan Shortt)
Page: 30-31, Program: Sewer Rats (by Mark Ellis)

C+VG Book of Games (Feb 1986)
Author: Various Authors
Publisher: Computer & Video Games Magazine

Page: 31-34, Program: Low Level (by Ian Brown)

Castles & Kingdoms
Author: Bob Liddil
Publisher: 1985 Virgin Books
ISBN: 0-86369-094-7

Page: 15-24, Program: The Brass Helm (by Dan & Ed Caggiani)
Page: 26-33, Program: Dragonquest (by Charles Forsyth)
Page: 36-41, Program: Spider Mountain (by Dan & Ed Caggiani)
Page: 45-51, Program: Thunder Mountain Passage (by Dan & Ed Caggiani)
Page: 56-64 , Program: Stargate (by Dan & Ed Caggiani)
Page: 66-75 , Program: Castle Northstar (by Dan & Ed Caggiani)
Page: 78-85 , Program: Deadly Dungeon (by Dan & Ed Caggiani)
Page: 89-95 , Program: The Temple of Vishtari (by Dan & Ed Caggiani)
Page: 98-103 , Program: Tower of Fear (by Dan & Ed Caggiani)
Page: 107-115 , Program: Werewolf wars (by Dan & Ed Caggiani)
Page: 119-126 , Program: Gauntlet of Death (by Dan & Ed Caggiani)
Page: 128-140 , Program: Firekeep (by Dan & Ed Caggiani)
Page: ??, Program: Revenge of Balrog (by Donald L & Freda L Boner)
Page: ??, Program: Fortress at Time's End (by Donald L & Freda L Boner)
Page: 172-178 , Program: Blue-eyed thief (by Dan & Ed Caggiani)

CBM 64 Programs - Volume 1
Author: Richard Franklin, Edited by Nick Hampshire
Publisher: 1984 Duckworth Home Computing
ISBN: 0-7156-1882-2

Page: 17-42, Program: Star Trek
Page: 111-115, Program: Hangman
Page: 118-121, Program: Landmine
Page: 123-130, Program: Fruit Machine (by Bill Russell)
Page: 132-134, Program: Car Dodge
Page: 136-138, Program: Maze
Page: 169-189, Program: Will o' the Wisp (by Mark Capella)

Challenging Games for the Commodore 64
Author: William A Roberts
Publisher: 1983 Interface Publications
ISBN: 0-907563-48-1

Page: 1-2, Program: Rabbit Trap
Page: 3-6, Program: Plague Spot
Page: 7-10, Program: Astro Fighter
Page: 11-15, Program: Warlock's Castle
Page: 16-19, Program: Valley of the Spiders
Page: 20-25, Program: Sharkfin
Page: 26-30, Program: Tunnels of Thar
Page: 31-35, Program: Caverns of Terror
Page: 36-40, Program: Reversi
Page: 41-46, Program: Commodore Checkers
Page: 47-51, Program: Blockout! (by Gary Ryan)
Page: 52-54, Program: Stock Exchange
Page: 55-57, Program: Earth Base One
Page: 58-63, Program: Asteroid
Page: 64-66, Program: Golf 64 Style
Page: 67-74, Program: Elite Gramophone Company

Commodore 64 - Fun and Games
Author: Jefferies, Fisher & Sawyer
Publisher: 1983 Osbourne/McGraw Hill
ISBN: 0-88134-116-9

Page: 9-11, Program: Roadhog (by Brian Sawyer)
Page: 12-16, Program: Piano (Not a Game) (by Glen Fisher)
Page: 17-22, Program: Bets (by Randall Lockwood)
Page: 23-30, Program: Safe (by Gary Marsa)
Page: 31-37, Program: Boswain (by Chris T Nadovich)
Page: 38-42, Program: Hanoi (by Glen Fisher)
Page: 43-52, Program: Miser (by Mary Jean Winter)
Page: 53-57, Program: Mad (by Glen Fisher)
Page: 58-68, Program: Godzilla (by Glen Fisher)
Page: 69-74, Program: Ratrun (by Chris T Nadovich & Glen Fisher)
Page: 75-80, Program: Yahtzee (by Glen Fisher)
Page: 81-84, Program: Leap (by Glen Fisher)
Page: 85-90, Program: Box (by Howard Arrington & Glen Fisher)
Page: 91-94, Program: Lawn (by Kathy Higby)
Page: 95-101, Program: Kalah (by Dale Cooper)
Page: 102-106, Program: Bonzo (by Randall Lockwood)
Page: 107-113, Program: Bjack (by John Melissa Jr.)
Page: 114-118, Program: Fire (by Brian Sawyer)
Page: 119-122, Program: Zap (by Tom Marazita & Brian Sawyer)
Page: 123-128, Program: Everest (by David Lengel)
Page: 129-135, Program: Reversi (by Glen Fisher)
Page: 136-142, Program: Bop (by Glen Fisher)
Page: 143-146, Program: Spot (by Art Carpet)
Page: 147-151, Program: Dots (by Glen Fisher)
Page: 152-156, Program: Capture (by Malcolm Michael)
Page: 157-162, Program: Dive (by Glen Fisher)
Page: 163-168, Program: Stop (by Randall Lockwood)
Page: 169-173, Program: Piegram (by Glen Fisher)
Page: 174-177, Program: Bat (by Chris T Nadovich)
Page: 178-182, Program: Rescue (by Nick Jackiw)

Commodore 64 - Fun and Games Vol. 2
Author: Rex Jefferies & Glen Fisher

Page: ??, Program: Ferry (by John Matarella)
Page: ??, Program: Fifteen (by Glen Fisher)
Page: ??, Program: Krypto (by Gary Marsa)
Page: ??, Program: Ruler (by Glen Fisher)
Page: ??, Program: Skeet (by Bob Carr)
Page: ??, Program: Miser II (by Andy Stadler)
Page: ??, Program: Ambush
Page: ??, Program: Sheep (by Peter Stearns)
Page: ??, Program: Maxit (by Harry J Saal)
Page: ??, Program: Coronia (by Glen Fisher)
Page: ??, Program: Attack (by Parry Gripp)
Page: ??, Program: Match (by George MacRae)
Page: ??, Program: Rebound (by Steven Larsen)
Page: ??, Program: Contact (by George Leotti)
Page: ??, Program: Recall (by Julia Hallford)
Page: ??, Program: Voz (by Gary Marsa & Glen Fisher)
Page: ??, Program: Blasto (by Robert Noteboom)

Commodore 64 Advanced Game Design
Author: George Schwenk
Publisher: 1985 Tab Books

Page: ??, Program: Dots    (Already Typed In)
Page: ??, Program: Prime Time    (Already Typed In)
Page: ??, Program: Wordsquare    (Already Typed In)
Page: ??, Program: Takeover    (Already Typed In)

Commodore 64 Adventures - A Guide to Playing and Writing Adventures
Author: Mike Grace
Publisher: 1983 Sunshine Books
ISBN: 0-946408-11-4

Page: 34-197, Program: Nightmare Planet

Commodore 64 Assembly Language Arcade Game Programming
Author: Steve Bress
Publisher: 1985 TAB books, inc

Page: 169'-207, Program: Revenge of the Phoenix
Page: 233-241, Program: Boghop

Commodore 64 Experience, The
Author: Mike Dean Klein
Publisher: 1983 Datamost, inc.
ISBN: 0-88190-230-6

Page: 89-91, Program: Pick a Number
Page: 93-96, Program: Planet Lander
Page: 97-99, Program: Death Hunt
Page: 101-105, Program: Guided Missile Commander

Commodore 64 GameMaster
Author: PK McBride
Publisher: 1984 Longman Computer Books
ISBN: 0-582-91607-0

Page: 68-72, Program: Orbit
Page: 73-77, Program: Firefight
Page: 116-122, Program: Jungle
Page: 138-147, Program: Battle

Commodore 64 Games
Author: Kevin Bergin
Publisher: 1984 Duckworth Home Computing
ISBN: 0-7156-1797-4

Page: 11-23, Program: Golf
Page: 25-31, Program: Air Attack
Page: 33-39, Program: Snake
Page: 41-49, Program: Graphics Demonstration (Not a Game)
Page: 51-60, Program: Draughts
Page: 61-71, Program: Punter
Page: 73-79, Program: Car Dodge
Page: 81-90, Program: Defense
Page: 91-98, Program: Minefield
Page: 99-109, Program: Hangman
Page: 111-118, Program: Play It Again Sam (Not a Game)
Page: 119-123, Program: User Basic (Not a Game)
Page: 125-130, Program: Tape Search (Not a Game)
Page: 131-136, Program: Code Creator (Not a Game)
Page: 137-147, Program: Grobbitt
Page: 149-155, Program: Responses
Page: 157-160, Program: Block Graph (Not a Game)
Page: 161-167, Program: Dot Muncher
Page: 169-175, Program: Firing Tank
Page: 177-190, Program: Hi-Res Graphics (Not a Game)

Commodore 64 Games Book
Author: Clifford Ramshaw & Mark Ramshaw
Publisher: 1983 Melbourne House Publishers
ISBN: 0-86161-125-X

Page: 4-8, Program: Chexsum (Not a Game)
Page: 9-11, Program: Paranoid
Page: 12-15, Program: Poetry
Page: 16-19, Program: Turkey
Page: 20-24, Program: Quack
Page: 25-29, Program: Laser Tower
Page: 30-34, Program: Moon Buggy
Page: 35-39, Program: Higher or Lower
Page: 40-44, Program: North Sea Copter
Page: 45-54, Program: Flight Simulator
Page: 55-61, Program: Slalom
Page: 62-66, Program: Fruit Machine
Page: 67-73, Program: Sea Harrier
Page: 74-79, Program: Cats & Dogs
Page: 80-84, Program: Horse Racing (aka Day at the Races, A)
Page: 85-90, Program: Luna Landa
Page: 91-96, Program: Simon
Page: 97-102, Program: Racer
Page: 103-111, Program: Cosmic Bugs
Page: 112-119, Program: Star Duel
Page: 120-125, Program: Cowboy Shootout
Page: 126-131, Program: Earth Defense
Page: 132-138, Program: Jelly Maze
Page: 139-147, Program: Dark Star
Page: 148-154, Program: Tank Attack
Page: 155-163, Program: Star Pilot
Page: 164-173, Program: Martian Invasion
Page: 174-184, Program: Castle of Doom
Page: 185-189, Program: U.F.O.
Page: 190-196, Program: Galaxy Raid
Page: 197-202, Program: Invaders

Commodore 64 Games Book 2
Author: Gregg Barnett (Editor)
Publisher: 1984 Melbourne House/Beam Software
ISBN: 0-86161-178-0

Page: 8-11, Program: Chexsum (Not a Game)
Page: 13-17, Program: Dumper
Page: 19-22, Program: Mind Quiz
Page: 23-27, Program: Treasure Hunt
Page: 29-33, Program: Stepping Stones
Page: 35-41, Program: Plane Chase
Page: 43-50, Program: Minotaur (by A Lacey)
Page: 51-56, Program: Spy Training
Page: 57-61, Program: Dragster 64
Page: 63-66, Program: Astral Attack
Page: 67-72, Program: Stuntman
Page: 73-78, Program: Convoy
Page: 79-85, Program: Egg Plant
Page: 87-92, Program: Tank Ambush
Page: 93-97, Program: Brick Buster
Page: 99-103, Program: Alligator
Page: 105-111, Program: Road Patrol
Page: 113-118, Program: Snakepit
Page: 119-124, Program: Detonator
Page: 125-129, Program: Letter Box
Page: 131-137, Program: Crash Barrier
Page: 139-144, Program: Laser Battle
Page: 145-148, Program: Attack of the Vogons
Page: 149-155, Program: Interceptor
Page: 157-163, Program: Breakin
Page: 165-172, Program: Tanc
Page: 185-188, Program: Clucky Chook
Page: 189-197, Program: Soldier
Page: 199-205, Program: Birthday Party (Not a Game)

Commodore 64 Games Book, The - 21 Sensational Games
Author: Owen Bishop
Publisher: 1983 Granada Publishing Ltd.
ISBN: 0-246-12258-7

Page: 5-11, Program: Black Hole
Page: 12-17, Program: Tight-Rope
Page: 18-23, Program: Magic Jigsaw
Page: 24-29, Program: Cops and Robbers
Page: 30-33, Program: Mind Over Electrons
Page: 34-38, Program: Nimble Thimble
Page: 39-45, Program: Sand Castle
Page: 46-51, Program: Bombing Run
Page: 52-58, Program: Breakaway
Page: 59-64, Program: Snipers
Page: 65-70, Program: Nine Men Morris
Page: 71-76, Program: Ball Maze
Page: 77-81, Program: Singalong (Not a Game)
Page: 82-87, Program: Pintable
Page: 88-95, Program: Rail Runner
Page: 96-101, Program: Computer Clues
Page: 102-106, Program: Spellbound
Page: 107-112, Program: Minefield
Page: 113-118, Program: Vibrations
Page: 119-124, Program: Poker-Face
Page: 125-132, Program: Snorkel

Commodore 64 Game Construction Kit
Author: William L. Rupp & Patricia A. Hartman
Publisher: 1984 Datamost Inc.
ISBN: 0-88190-293-4

Page: 43-44, Program: What's my number
Page: 48-50, Program: Take a guess (by William L Rupp)
Page: 51-52, Program: Great clue word
Page: 59-64, Program: Lights! Camera! Action! (by William L Rupp)
Page: 70-76, Program: Ask the wizard
Page: 94-97, Program: Animal jump
Page: 120-127, Program: Ask the wizard: with graphics
Page: 133-151, Program: Magic cards
Page: 256-261, Program: Monster maze (by William L Rupp)
Page: 269-274, Program: Interceptor
Page: 296-300, Program: Rocket to the green planet
Page: 309-315, Program: A day at the races
Page: 327-340, Program: Goal to go! (by William L Rupp)
Page: 353-357, Program: Danger dungeon (by William L Rupp)
Page: 367-378, Program: Danger dungeon: graphics and sound
Page: 387-403, Program: Scary hall

Commodore 64 Games for Kids
Author: Clark Kidd & Kathy H. Kidd
Publisher: 1984 COMPUTE! Publications, Inc.
ISBN: 0-942386-37-X

Page: 3-6, Program: A-Maze-Ing
Page: 7-10, Program: Count the Spots
Page: 11-14, Program: Counting Game
Page: 15-18, Program: Get the Treasure
Page: 19-24, Program: Hidden Picture
Page: 27-31, Program: Matchmaker
Page: 32-36, Program: Notecrafter
Page: 37-43, Program: Personal Story
Page: 44-48, Program: Spelling Bee
Page: 49-57, Program: Spend Your Allowance
Page: 58-63, Program: Word Scramble
Page: 67-71, Program: Alphabet Soup
Page: 72-77, Program: Lawn Mower
Page: 78-86, Program: Plan a Menu
Page: 87-94, Program: Stargazer!
Page: 95-107, Program: State of the Union
Page: 108-111, Program: Wise Shopper
Page: 115-121, Program: Element Man
Page: 122-126, Program: Four by Four
Page: 127-134, Program: Heavenly Bodies
Page: 135-160, Program: Mother Earth
Page: 161-171, Program: Mr. President
Page: 172-186, Program: Movers and Shakers
Page: 187-193, Program: Skeleton
Page: 194-205, Program: Unicorn
Page: 209-234, Program: Asteroid Blast
Page: 235-220, Program: Black Hole
Page: 221-224, Program: Earthworms
Page: 225-230, Program: Ladybug
Page: 233-238, Program: Build a Quiz

 Commodore 64 praktische tips, programma's, BASIC
Author: Hermi Hermens
Publisher: Kluwer

Page: ??, Program: Moord in het Flatgebouw

Commodore 64 Program Book, The
Author: Vince Apps
Publisher: 1983 Phoenix Publishing Associates
ISBN: 0-9465-7606-8

Page: 1-10, Program: Forbidden City
Page: 11-15, Program: Snake
Page: 16-21, Program: Caterpillar
Page: 22-25, Program: Morse Code
Page: 26-30, Program: Rescue
Page: 31-32, Program: Line Renumber (Not a Game)
Page: 33-38, Program: Bomber
Page: 39-43, Program: Breakout
Page: 44-46, Program: Meteor Run
Page: 47-49, Program: Anagram
Page: 50-58, Program: Pharaoh's Curse
Page: 59-60, Program: Binary To Decimal Converter (Not a Game)
Page: 61-72, Program: Pilot
Page: 73-78, Program: Invader
Page: 79-86, Program: Machine Code (Not a Game)
Page: 87-88, Program: Cheque Book (Not a Game)
Page: 89-90, Program: Metric Converter (Not a Game)
Page: 91-94, Program: Maze Chase
Page: 95-98, Program: Penguin
Page: 99-102, Program: Alien Storm
Page: 103-105, Program: Moneybags
Page: 106-110, Program: Lunar Lander
Page: 111-115, Program: 3-D Maze
Page: 116-119, Program: Fireman
Page: 120-122, Program: Capitals

Commodore 64 Wargaming
Author: Owen Bishop and Audrey Bishop
Publisher: 1985 Collins Professional and Technical Books
ISBN: 0-00-383010-1

Page: 57-65, Program: The Bridge
Page: 98-113, Program: The Bridge (with Map)
Page: 135-140, Program: Invasion 1066
Page: 170-184, Program: Paris 1814
Page: 199-207, Program: Bena 2352

COMPUTE!'s Commodore 64 & 128 Collection
Author: Various Authors
Publisher: COMPUTE! Publications, Inc.
ISBN: 0-942386-97-3

Page: 77-81, Program: Trap 'Em (by Jon Rhees)
Page: 82-85, Program: Mindbusters (by Ned W Schultz)
Page: 86-89, Program: Squares (by Douglas Fish)
Page: 90-101, Program: Quiz Master (by George W Miller)
Page: 121-137, Program: Heat Seeker (by Jeff Wolverton / Tim Victor)
Page: 138-175, Program: Campaign Manager (by Todd Heimarck)

COMPUTE!'s Commodore Collection Volume 1
Author: Various Authors
Publisher: COMPUTE! Publications, Inc.
ISBN: 0-942386-55-8

Page: 3-9, Program: Hang Gilder (by Alan Keyser)
Page: 10-14, Program: Reaction (by Gregg Peele)
Page: 15-22, Program: Old West (by B. A. Miller)
Page: 23-25, Program: Nim (by George Trepal)
Page: 26-33, Program: Save the King (by Charles Brannon)
Page: 37-40, Program: Spider Math (by Lee Levitt)
Page: 41-49, Program: Merry-Go-Match (by Griff and Sheila Johnson)
Page: 50-57, Program: Hatch It (by Neil Murray)
Page: 58-64, Program: Puzzle Solver (by Steve Gibson)

COMPUTE!'s Commodore Collection Volume 2
Author: Various Authors
Publisher: COMPUTE! Publications, Inc.
ISBN: 0-942386-70-1

Page: 3-20, Program: Chess (by John Krause)
Page: 21-29, Program: Jackpot (by Kevin Mykytyn)
Page: 30-39, Program: Nirrad's Labyrinth (by Darrin Mossor)
Page: 40-49, Program: Trident (by Kevin Martin)
Page: 50-63, Program: Canyon Runner (by Kevin Mykytyn)
Page: 67-72, Program: Learning to Count (by William W. Braun)
Page: 73-81, Program: Robot Math (by Bob Stewart)
Page: 82-87, Program: Homonym Practice (by Michael A. Tyborski)
Page: 88-99, Program: French Tutor (by Michael Quigley)
Page: 100-104, Program: Up or Down? (by C. Regena)
Page: 105-114, Program: Build a Quiz (by Clark Kidd & Kathy H. Kidd)

COMPUTE!'s First Book of Commodore 64
Publisher: COMPUTE! Publications, Inc.
ISBN: 0-942386-20-5

Page: 115-117, Program: Alfabug (by Michael Wasilenko)

COMPUTE!'s First Book of Commodore 64 Games
Author: Various Authors
Publisher: COMPUTE! Publications, Inc.
ISBN: 0-942386-34-5

Page: 29-35, Program: RATS! (by Gregg Peele)
Page: 36-38, Program: Goblin (by Patrick Parrish)
Page: 39-43, Program: Snake Escape! (by Patrick Parrish)
Page: 44-48, Program: Viper, The (by Charles Brannon)
Page: 51-57, Program: States & Capitals Tutor (by Enoch L. Moser)
Page: 58-67, Program: Mystery Spell (by Eric Brandon)
Page: 68-75, Program: Oil Tycoon (by Chris Metcalf)
Page: 76-79, Program: Mosaic Puzzle (by Chris Metcalf)
Page: 83-89, Program: Blockhead (by Gregg Peele)
Page: 90-45, Program: Diamond Drop (by Eric Brandon)
Page: 95-101, Program: Laser Bounce (by Frank L. Broadnax)
Page: 105-112, Program: Hawkmen of Dindrin, The (by Charles Brannon)
Page: 113-118, Program: Minefield (by Gregg Peele)
Page: 119-128, Program: Cylon Zap (by Gregg Peele)
Page: 129-134, Program: Laser Gunner (by Philip I. Nelson)
Page: 144-150, Program: Munch Maze (by Gregg Peele)
Page: 151-167, Program: Richtofen's Revenge (by Chris Metcalf & Marc Sugiyama)
Page: 168-191, Program: Zuider Zee (by Marc Sugiyama)

COMPUTE!'s Guide to Adventure Games
Author: Gary McGath
Publisher: 1984 COMPUTE! Publications, Inc.
ISBN: 0-942386-67-1

Page: 166-171, Program: Tower of Mystery

COMPUTE!'s Machine Language Games for the Commodore 64
Publisher: 1986 COMPUTE! Publications, Inc.
ISBN: 0-87455-061-0

Page: 51-55, Program: CUT-OFF! (by Tom R. Halfhill)
Page: 56-63, Program: Nessie (by Charles Brannon)
Page: 64-83, Program: Campaign Manager (by Todd Heimarck)
Page: 84-94, Program: Heat Seeker (by Tim Victor)
Page: 95-104, Program: Laser Beam (by Kevin Mykytyn)
Page: 105-113, Program: Whirlybird (by Philip I. Nelson)
Page: 114-122, Program: Miami Ice (by Kevin Mykytyn)

COMPUTE!'s More Machine Language Games for the Commodore 64
Publisher: COMPUTE! Publications, Inc.
ISBN: 0-87455-094-7

Page: 137-147, Program: Space Arena (by Bryan Files)
Page: 148-161, Program: Saloon Shootout (by David Hensley Jr. & Kevin Mykytyn)
Page: 162-168, Program: Prisonball (by Kevin Mykytyn)
Page: 169-181, Program: Q-Bird (by Mike Sedore)
Page: 182-187, Program: Bump-n-Run (by Tim J. Midkiff)
Page: 188-196, Program: Ringside Karate (by Anthony Bertram)
Page: 197-214, Program: Eagles and Gators (by Philip I. Nelson)

COMPUTE!'s Second Book of Commodore 64
Author: Various Authors
Publisher: COMPUTE! Publications, Inc.
ISBN: 0-942386-44-2

Page: 41-49, Program: Spike (by Eric Brandon)
Page: 60-65, Program: Martian Prisoner (by Alan Poole)
Page: 87-91, Program: Blam! (by Kevin Dewey)
Page: 92-95, Program: Wordspell (by Richard Herrmann)
Page: 96-101, Program: Munch Math (by Gerald R. Anderson)
Page: 132-136, Program: Note Name Game, The (by Jeff Behrens)

COMPUTE!'s Second Book of Commodore 64 Games
Author: Various Authors
Publisher: COMPUTE! Publications, Inc.
ISBN: 0-942386-64-7

Page: 44-59, Program: Time Capsule (by David Florance)
Page: 63-75, Program: Sea Route to India (by Mary Jean Winter)
Page: 76-81, Program: Quatrainment (by Gregg Peele)
Page: 82-119, Program: Campaign Manager (by Todd Heimarck)
Page: 123-132, Program: Frantic Fisherman, The (by Kevin Martin)
Page: 133-138, Program: Beekeeper (by Kevin Martin)
Page: 139-158, Program: Props (by Philip I. Nelson)
Page: 159-167, Program: Worm of Bemer (by Kevin Martin)
Page: 171-189, Program: Brunhilde Loves Bruno (by Philip I. Nelson)
Page: 190-196, Program: SuperSprite (by Nick Sullivan)
Page: 197-203, Program: Olympiad (by Kevin Woram & Michael Buhidar Jr.)
Page: 204-210, Program: Burn Rubber (by Jonathan Cook)
Page: 211-220, Program: Haunted Mansion (by Calvin Overhulser)
Page: 223-231, Program: CUT-OFF! (by Tom R. Halfhill)
Page: 232-239, Program: Astro-PANIC! (by Charles Brannon)
Page: 240-254, Program: Nessie (by Charles Brannon)

COMPUTE!'s Third Book of Commodore 64
Author: Various Authors
Publisher: COMPUTE! Publications, Inc.
ISBN: 0-942386-72-8

Page: 29-40, Program: Mystery at Marple Manor (by John R. Prager)
Page: 75-81, Program: Reversi (by Keith Day)
Page: 93-100, Program: Supertank (by Boris Litinsky)
Page: 111-117, Program: Word Match (by Andy van Duyne)
Page: 118-126, Program: Connect the Dots (by Janet Arnold)
Page: 127-130, Program: Word Scramble (by Mike Salman)

COMPUTE!'s Third Book of Commodore 64 Games
Author: Various Authors
Publisher: COMPUTE! Publications, Inc.
ISBN: 0-87455-095-5

Page: 3-8, Program: Space Dodger (by Kevin Mykytyn)
Page: 9-15, Program: Face-Off (by Mark Tuttle & Kevin Mykytyn )
Page: 16-21, Program: Kablam! (by Stephen Ressler)
Page: 25-31, Program: Webster Dines Out (by Jeff Hamdani)
Page: 32-41, Program: Pick-a-Letter (by Michael Blackmon)
Page: 42-46, Program: Number Quest (by Gerald Schueler & Betty Schueler)
Page: 47-54, Program: Balloon Crazy (by Kevin Mykytyn)
Page: 57-109, Program: Graphic Adventure Kit (by Robert A. Stoerrle)
Page: 110-118, Program: Sleuth (by Kevin Mykytyn)
Page: 119-156, Program: Vampyre Hunter (by Marc Sugiyama)
Page: 159-165, Program: Laser Strike (by Barbara H. Schulak)
Page: 166-181, Program: Farm Game, The (by Daniel M. Seurer)
Page: 182-186, Program: Queens' Quarrel (by Barry L. Ives)
Page: 187-192, Program: Atom Shoot (by George F. Clement)
Page: 195-201, Program: Klondike (by James E. Hosek)
Page: 202-212, Program: Backgammon (by Jeffrey Vavasour & Geoff Rideout)
Page: 213-222, Program: Power Poker (by Jud Bleser)

Computer & Video Games, The - Book of Adventure
Author: Keith Campbell
Publisher: Melbourne House
ISBN: 0-86161-143-8

Page: 119-124, Program: Adventure Game

Computer Battlegames
Author: Daniel Isaaman & Jenny Tyler
Publisher: Usborne Publishing Limited
ISBN: 0-86020-685-8

Page: 7, Program: Robot Missile
Page: 9, Program: Vital Message, The
Page: 10, Program: Shootout (Cowboy Shootout)
Page: 13, Program: Desert Tank Battle
Page: 14, Program: Battle at Traitor's Castle
Page: 16-17, Program: Robot Invaders (by Bob Merry)
Page: 19, Program: Secret Weapon
Page: 20, Program: Escape!
Page: 22-23, Program: Pirate Dogfight
Page: 25, Program: Supersonic Bomber
Page: 26-27, Program: Iceberg
Page: 28-31, Program: Wizard's Wall, The
Page: 33, Program: Missile!

Computer Horror & Spy Games
Publisher: Usborne Publishing Limited

Computer Spacegames
Author: Daniel Isaaman & Jenny Tyler
Publisher: Usborne Publishing Limited
ISBN: 0-86020-683-1

Page: 4-5, Program: Starship Takeoff (by Richard Nash)
Page: 6-7, Program: Intergalactic Games
Page: 8-9, Program: Evil Alien
Page: 10-11, Program: Beat the Bug Eyes (by Bob Merry)
Page: 12-13, Program: Moonlander
Page: 14-15, Program: Monsters of Galacticon
Page: 16-17, Program: Alien Snipers
Page: 18-19, Program: Asteriod Belt
Page: 20-21, Program: Trip into the Future
Page: 22-23, Program: Death Valley
Page: 24-25, Program: Space Mines
Page: 26-29, Program: Space Rescue
Page: 31, Program: Touchdown

Computer Spy Games
Author: Jenny Tyler & Chris Oxlade
Publisher: Usborne Publishing Limited
ISBN: 0-86020-828-1

Page: 3, Program: Spy Eyes
Page: 4-5, Program: Searchlight
Page: 6-7, Program: Robospy (by Adrian Hall)
Page: 8-9, Program: Spy Q Test
Page: 10-11, Program: Secret Message Maker (Not a Game)
Page: 12-15, Program: Rendezvous
Page: 16, Program: Morse Tester

Conquering the Commodore 64 Kingdom
Author: Bill L. Behrendt
Publisher: 1984 Micro Text Publications, Inc.
ISBN: 0-13-167917-1

Page: 3-15, Program: Runequest
Page: 17-20, Program: Evil Alley
Page: 21-25, Program: Pathfinder
Page: 27-31, Program: Chase
Page: 33-36, Program: Evasion
Page: 37-43, Program: Pickup
Page: 45-49, Program: Tank Terror
Page: 53-56, Program: Skydemon
Page: 57-62, Program: Navigation Aggravation
Page: 63-68, Program: Balooney
Page: 69-73, Program: Sky Diver
Page: 75-79, Program: Dock King
Page: 81-84, Program: Lone Lander, The
Page: 85-89, Program: Robodive
Page: 93-101, Program: Late Night Host
Page: 103-109, Program: Author
Page: 111-115, Program: Puppet Show (Not a game)
Page: 117-119, Program: Stringsound (Not a game)
Page: 123-125, Program: Gypsy (Not a game)
Page: 127-132, Program: Oracle of Change (Not a game)
Page: 135-139, Program: Dualife
Page: 141-146, Program: Hammer Yammer
Page: 147-150, Program: Codecode (Not a game)
Page: 151-153, Program: Nuclear Reactor
Page: 155-158, Program: Concipher (Not a game)

Crazy Games for Your Commodore 64
Author: Hal Renko & Sam Edwards
Publisher: 1984 Addison-Wesley Publishers Ltd.
ISBN: 0-201-14675-4

Page: 1-5, Program: Galactic Monsters
Page: 6-9, Program: Zombies in the Swamp
Page: 10-12, Program: Keyboard Memory
Page: 13-18, Program: Las Vegas a Gogo
Page: 19-20, Program: Parrot
Page: 21-25, Program: Kentucky Derby
Page: 26-28, Program: Rainbow Square Dance
Page: 29-38, Program: Qui Vive
Page: 39-41, Program: STM
Page: 42-45, Program: One to Five
Page: 46-50, Program: Escher (Not a Game)
Page: 51-54, Program: Genius at Work
Page: 55-59, Program: Shark Hunt
Page: 60-63, Program: Shakesperian Shuffle
Page: 64-68, Program: Explosion
Page: 69-72, Program: New York, New York
Page: 73-76, Program: Key
Page: 77-80, Program: Blackbox
Page: 81-84, Program: Treasure Hunt
Page: 85-93, Program: IT - The Intra Terrestrial: Adventure of the Century
Page: 94-98, Program: The Wolf and the Five Little Goats
Page: 99-101, Program: Alphabetic Highway
Page: 102-103, Program: At the Market
Page: 104-107, Program: Fallout
Page: 108-111, Program: Ships Attack
Page: 112-116, Program: Mini-Mancala
Page: 117-118, Program: Stop It
Page: 119-121, Program: The Swedish Popsong
Page: 122-123, Program: Vowels and Consonants
Page: 124-129, Program: Astrology (Not a Game)

Creating Adventure Games on Your Computer
Author: Tim Hartnell
Publisher: Random House, Inc.

Page: ??, Program: Aftermath of the Asimovian Disaster, The
Page: ??, Program: Chateau Gaillard
Page: ??, Program: Citadel of Pershu, The
Page: ??, Program: Werewolves and Wanderer

Creating Adventures on your Commodore 64
Author: Clive Gifford & Robert Young
Publisher: 1984 Interface Publications
ISBN: 0-907563-49-X

Page: 43-58, Program: Dark Forest, The
Page: 78-88, Program: Nielson Papers, The
Page: 95-101, Program: Golden Chalice
Page: 111-121, Program: City of Atlantis
Page: 126-130, Program: Raiders from Mars
Page: 132-133, Program: Solitaire
Page: 134-139, Program: Four by Four

Creating Arcade Games on the Commodore 64
Author: Robert Camp
Publisher: 1984 COMPUTE! Publications, Inc.
ISBN: 0-942386-36-1

Page: 309-310, Program: Card Invaders
Page: 317-325, Program: Crusade
Page: 326-333, Program: Magneto

Creating Arcade Games on the Commodore 64
Author: Robert Woolford
Publisher: 1985 Interface Publications
ISBN: 0-907563-75-9

Page: 81-145, Program: Molar Man

Creating Simulation Games on your Computer
Author: Tim Hartnell
ISBN: 0-345-32896-5

Page: 269-271, Program: Connect Four (by A W Pearson)
Page: 277-281, Program: Washington DC
Page: 282-286, Program: Stock Market
Page: 287-292, Program: Detroit City
Page: 293-300, Program: Gridiron
Page: 301-306, Program: Tennis
Page: 307-314, Program: Grand Prix
Page: 315-322, Program: Flight Simulation
Page: ??, Program: Quevedo Chess Machine
Page: ??, Program: Space Landing Simulation

Creepy Computer Games
Author: Jenny Tyler (Editor) & Chris Oxlade (Program Editor)
Publisher: Usborne Publishing Limited
ISBN: 0-86020-780-3

Page: 3, Program: Computer Nightmare (by Brendon Kavanagh)
Page: 5, Program: Number Wizard (by Colin Reynolds)
Page: 6-7, Program: Ghost Guzzler (by Colin Reynolds)
Page: 9, Program: Spiderwoman (by Val Robinson)
Page: 10-11, Program: Grave Digger (by Alan Ramsey)
Page: 12-13, Program: Mad House (by Keith Campbell)
Page: 14-15, Program: Ghost Maze (by Colin Reynolds)
Page: 16, Program: Seance (by Chris Oxlade)

 Das Geheimnis des Schloß Arendarvon
Author: Hal Renko, Sam Edwards & Arend Rensink
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Publishers Ltd.

Page: ??, Program: Geheimnis des Schloß Arendarvon, Das

Exploring Adventures on the C64
Author: Peter Gerrard
Publisher: 1983 Duckworth
ISBN: 0-7156-1778-8

Page: 135-214, Program: Castlemaze Adventure
Page: 215-224, Program: Underground Adventure
Page: 225-234, Program: Tunnel Adventure

Farbspiele mit dem Commodore 64
Author: Wolfgang Black & Mattias Richter
Publisher: 1984 Sybex-Verlag GmbH
ISBN: 3-88745-044-2

Page: 10-17, Program: Aktienboerse
Page: 28-40, Program: Flugzeug
Page: 52-60, Program: Invader
Page: 62-68, Program: Irrgarten
Page: 70-75, Program: Labyrynth
Page: 80-88, Program: Mastermind
Page: 90-99, Program: Mondlanding
Page: 108-114, Program: Space-Force
Page: 116-125, Program: Speilautomat
Page: 126-134, Program: Strassenrennen
Page: 136-142, Program: Superschlange
Page: 148-157, Program: White Max
Page: 158-164, Program: Worm-Trap

Games Commodore 64 Computers Play
Author: Robert Young and Roger Bush
Publisher: 1984 Addison-Wesley
ISBN: 0-20114-428-x

Page: 7-17, Program: Leaper (by William Leader)
Page: 18-24, Program: Descent into Chaos
Page: 25-31, Program: Fire (by Daniel Quinn)
Page: 32-42, Program: Skiing (by William Leader)
Page: 43-49, Program: Spotlight (by William Leader)
Page: 50-60, Program: Astro-Blaster (by Daniel Quinn)    (Needs Typing In)
Page: 61-64, Program: Space Race
Page: 65-74, Program: Ghostie (by William Leader)
Page: 75-88, Program: Astrosmash! (by William Leader)
Page: 91-101, Program: Survival (by Doug Rolfe)
Page: 102-114, Program: Roman Empire
Page: 115-125, Program: Battle of Britain
Page: 126-141, Program: SunnyBrook farm
Page: 145-155, Program: 3-D Noughts and Crosses (by Tim Hartnell?)
Page: 156-158, Program: Statesman (by Tim Hartnell?)
Page: 159-167, Program: Unscramble Alien (by David Vendy)
Page: 168-171, Program: Reversi
Page: 173-174, Program: Chessboard Nim

Games Commodores Play
Author: Phillip W. Dennis and Greg Minter
Publisher: 1984 Datamost Inc.
ISBN: 0-88190-121-0

Page: 33-37, Program: Sci-Fi
Page: 40-43, Program: Biorhythm (Not a game)
Page: 46-48, Program: C-64 Learner
Page: 50-52, Program: Digits
Page: 53-59, Program: Grue Stew
Page: 62-65, Program: Irsman
Page: 68-71, Program: Kingdom
Page: 74-76, Program: Reverser
Page: 78-80, Program: Schmoo
Page: 82-84, Program: Transition
Page: 86-90, Program: Twinky
Page: 92-95, Program: Word Scrabble
Page: 107-111, Program: Mubble chase
Page: 114-117, Program: Air Attack
Page: 120-122, Program: Artist Board
Page: 124-127, Program: Barrel of Fun
Page: 130-132, Program: Block 'em
Page: 134-138, Program: Brain Teaser
Page: 140-143, Program: Brick Wall
Page: 146-148, Program: Connect Five
Page: 150-153, Program: Craps
Page: 156-160, Program: Dragon's Lair
Page: 162-166, Program: Itche
Page: 168-171, Program: Knock Out
Page: 174-176, Program: Leaky Faucet (Not a game)
Page: 178-183, Program: Magic Squares
Page: 186-189, Program: Match the Key
Page: 192-202, Program: Minature Golf
Page: 204-206, Program: Moving Target
Page: 208-313, Program: Numbers Away
Page: 216-218, Program: Point Attack
Page: 220-222, Program: Robot Chase
Page: 224-228, Program: Safe Cracker
Page: 230-233, Program: Saucer Duels
Page: 236-238, Program: Star Dodger!
Page: 240-242, Program: Stranded
Page: 244-246, Program: Target

Games for your Commodore 64
Author: Kieron Brennon
Publisher: 1984 Interface Publications/Virgin Books
ISBN: 0-86369-028-9

Page: 17-20, Program: Pennies from Heaven
Page: 21-24, Program: Paratrooper
Page: 25-27, Program: Slider
Page: 28-30, Program: Big Clock, The (Not a Game)
Page: 31-33, Program: Hangman
Page: 35-38, Program: Park Keeper
Page: 39-41, Program: Blob Squasher
Page: 42-44, Program: Harmony (Not a Game)
Page: 45-48, Program: Submarine Breakout
Page: 49-50, Program: Piano (Not a Game)
Page: 51-52, Program: L.E.D. Display (Not a Game)
Page: 53-56, Program: Pontoon
Page: 57-59, Program: Mazey
Page: 60, Program: Pathway (Not a Game)
Page: 61-63, Program: Rol-a-Penny
Page: 64-66, Program: Doodler (Not a Game)
Page: 67-69, Program: Ambulance Driver
Page: 70-73, Program: Simon
Page: 74-78, Program: Battleship
Page: 79-82, Program: Entrap
Page: 83-85, Program: Flytrap

Getting Ahead: Fantastic Games
Author: Peter Lear
Publisher: 1984 Hayes Publishing
ISBN: 0-88625-055-2

Page: 6-11, Program: Speedboat (by Peter Lear & Steven Holiday)
Page: 12-21, Program: Logger (by Brian Jaikens)
Page: 22-25, Program: Haze Maze (by Mats Oehran)
Page: 26-31, Program: Getaway
Page: 32-37, Program: Sub Attack
Page: 38-43, Program: Snails' Trails (by Peter Lear)

 Getting Ahead: Space Adventures
Author: Peter Lear
Publisher: 1984 Hayes Publishing

Page: 6-11, Program: Moonshuttle
Page: 12-16, Program: Meteor Shower
Page: 18-28, Program: Alien Attack
Page: 30-35, Program: Red Alert
Page: 36-47, Program: Space Guard

Getting More from Your Commodore 64
Author: Mark Harrison
Publisher: 1983 Sigma Technical Press

Page: ??, Program: Grand Prix
Page: ??, Program: Manarag
Page: ??, Program: Snake
Page: ??, Program: Surround

Giant Book of Games for your Commodore 64
Author: Tim Hartnell, Roger Bush and Robert Young
Publisher: 1984 Fontana Paperbacks
ISBN: 0-00-636819-0

Page: 17-25, Program: Space Challenge (by Daniel Quinn)
Page: 26-33, Program: Worms Alive (by Daniel Quinn)
Page: 34-40, Program: Bats (by William Leader)
Page: 41-44, Program: Trans Am (by David Vendy)
Page: 45-47, Program: Escape (by Garry Wilson)
Page: 48-52, Program: Treasure Trove
Page: 53-57, Program: Brain Teaser (by David Vendy)
Page: 58-64, Program: Pick a Pair (by Flavio Giurco)
Page: 65-68, Program: Catch a Star (by Flavio Giurco)
Page: 69-72, Program: Follow Me
Page: 73-77, Program: Robot Attack (by David Vendy)
Page: 78-82, Program: Typing Tutor
Page: 83-86, Program: Snap
Page: 87-89, Program: Match Wits
Page: 90-94, Program: One-armed Bandit
Page: 95-98, Program: Asteriod Belt
Page: 99-104, Program: Ropes and Manholes
Page: 105-109, Program: Traffic Light
Page: 110-116, Program: Twenty-one
Page: 117-121, Program: Gunfighter (by Les Battyanyi)
Page: 122-126, Program: Dodgem (by Daniel Quinn)
Page: 127-130, Program: Zoo Keeper (by Flavio Giurco)
Page: 131-135, Program: Pirate Treasure (by Ken Staples)
Page: 136-141, Program: Battleships (by Kev Sharples)
Page: 142-148, Program: Monster Caves (by Todd Harrison and Les Battyanyi)
Page: 149-152, Program: Missile Base (by David Vendy)
Page: 153-158, Program: Ordeal (by Mark Sharples)
Page: 159-164, Program: Gridiron
Page: 165-170, Program: Masterword (by Todd Harrison and Les Battyanyi)
Page: 171-176, Program: Jason
Page: 177-185, Program: Nine-hole Golf
Page: 186-189, Program: Super Bingo (by Flavio Giurco)
Page: 190-192, Program: Confidence Trick (by Geoff Ridden)
Page: 193-197, Program: Dungeon Maze
Page: 198-201, Program: Time Maze (by David Vendy)
Page: 202-207, Program: Skiing 64
Page: 208-213, Program: Laserball
Page: 213-216, Program: Tunnelball
Page: 217-224, Program: Monkey Kong (by Todd Harrison and Les Battyanyi)
Page: 225-228, Program: Number Maze
Page: 229-238, Program: The Lost City
Page: 239-248, Program: Spinner-Fex (by Daniel Quinn)
Page: 249-252, Program: Space Dodge (by Garry Wilson)
Page: 253-257, Program: Traxon (by David Vendy)
Page: 258-262, Program: Hangman (by David Vendy)
Page: 263-273, Program: Realm of the Undead (by Ross Symons)
Page: 274-279, Program: Bouncer (by Daniel Quinn)

Golden Flutes & Great Escapes - How to Write Adventure Games for the Commodore 64
Author: Delton T. Horn
Publisher: 1984 dilithium Press
ISBN: 0-88056-051-7

Page: 125-155, Program: Mars
Page: 167-175, Program: Treasure Hunt
Page: 190-209, Program: Golden Flute, The
Page: 228-250, Program: Great Escape, The

Great Book of Games, The - 46 Programs for the Commodore-64
Author: Franz Ende
Publisher: 1984 Elcomp Publishing, Inc./Ing. W. Hofacker GmbH
ISBN: 3-88963-182-7

Page: 1-5, Program: Slot Machine C64-Luck
Page: 6-13, Program: Roulette
Page: 14-16, Program: Mice
Page: 17-23, Program: Super Three
Page: 24-25, Program: Lotto (Not a Game)
Page: 26-29, Program: Collision
Page: 30-35, Program: Flip-Flop
Page: 36-37, Program: Maze
Page: 38-42, Program: Attack
Page: 43-48, Program: Artillery
Page: 49-50, Program: Magic Square
Page: 51-52, Program: Turnabout
Page: 53-57, Program: Distance Between two Cities (Not a Game)
Page: 58-59, Program: Curves (Not a Game)
Page: 60-63, Program: Mosquitos
Page: 64-68, Program: Worldtime (Not a Game)
Page: 69-71, Program: Concentration (Solitaire)
Page: 72-74, Program: Ball Dance (Not a Game)
Page: 75-77, Program: Space Shuttle

 Greeting Adventure Programs
Author: Andrew Nelson
Publisher: Interface Publications

Page: ??, Program: Aftermath of the Asimovian Disaster, The
Page: ??, Program: Citadel Pershu
Page: ??, Program: Werewolves and Wanderers

Het Commodore 64 Computer-Spelen Boek
Author: Robert Young & Roger Bush
Publisher: 1984 Addison-Wesley

Page: 7, Program: Springer (by William Leader)
Page: 18, Program: Afdaling in Chaos
Page: 25, Program: Schiet (by Daniel Quinn)
Page: 32, Program: Skiien (by William Leader)
Page: 43, Program: Zoeklicht (by William Leader)
Page: 50, Program: Sterrenruimer (by Daniel Quinn)
Page: 57, Program: Ruimtereis (by Daniel Quinn)
Page: 61, Program: Ruimterace
Page: 65, Program: Spookje (by William Leader)
Page: 76, Program: Astropuin (by William Leader)
Page: 93, Program: Overleven (by Doug Rolfe)
Page: 106, Program: Het Romeinse Rijk
Page: 121, Program: Slag om Engeland
Page: 132, Program: Eigenheimerheerd
Page: 150, Program: Boter, kaas en eieren in 3-D (by Tim Hartnell?)
Page: 163, Program: Staatsman (by Tim Hartnell?)    (Needs Typing In)
Page: 166, Program: Ontcijfer X-code (by David Vendy)
Page: 174, Program: Othello
Page: 180, Program: Schaakbord Nim

Het Mysterie van Arendarvon Castle
Author: Hal Renko & Sam Edwards
Publisher: 1984 Addison-Wesley Nederland
ISBN: 90-6789-011-1

Program: Mysterie van Arendarvon Castle, Het

How to write Exciting Games for the Commodore 64
Author: Philip O'Carroll
Publisher: 1984 Pitman Publishing Pty Ltd.

Page: ??, Program: Commando Sub    (Already Typed In)

Instant Arcade Games for the Commodore 64
Author: Jean Frost
Publisher: 1984 Pan Books
ISBN: 0-330-28659-5

Page: ??, Program: Tank Holding Off Alien Invaders Amongst the Stars
Page: 161-171, Program: Treasure Trail
Page: 173-186, Program: Treasure Trail (Enhanced)

 Jeux en basic sur Commodore 64
Author: Pierre Monsaut
Publisher: 1984 Sybex

Page: ??, Program: Squash
Page: ??, Program: Blitz
Page: ??, Program: D.C.A.
Page: ??, Program: Trace
Page: ??, Program: Slalom
Page: ??, Program: Ramasse-Miettes
Page: ??, Program: Tank
Page: ??, Program: Alphabet
Page: ??, Program: Atterrissage
Page: ??, Program: Chasse au Canard
Page: ??, Program: Serpent
Page: ??, Program: Simon
Page: ??, Program: Grand-Prix
Page: ??, Program: Crabes
Page: ??, Program: Casse-Briques
Page: ??, Program: Poursuite
Page: ??, Program: Robots
Page: ??, Program: Parachute

 Jugendwettbewerb in Computerprogrammierung 1985/86
Author: Various Authors
Publisher: Österreichische Computer Gesellschaft (OCG)

Page: ??, Program: Garfield bitte kommen (by Peter Buberl & Toni Buberl)
Page: ??, Program: Happy Tipping (by Anita Binder)

Make Programming Your Commodore 64 a Game: Dive Bomber
Author: Philip O'Carroll
Publisher: 1984 Pitman Publishing Pty Ltd.

Page: ??, Program: Dive Bomber

Micro Wars on the Commodore 64
Author: Humphrey Walwyn
Publisher: 1983 Century Communications Ltd.
ISBN: 0-7126-0229-1

Page: 17-73, Program: Waterloo
Page: 74-92, Program: Caractacus
Page: 93-108, Program: Torpedo Bomber
Page: 109-133, Program: Richtoven
Page: 134-191, Program: Dreadnought
Page: 192-241, Program: Strategix

Mind Moves - Strategy Brain Games for the Commodore 64
Author: Tom Rugg & Phil Feldman
Publisher: 1984 dilithium Press
ISBN: 0-88056-054-1

Page: 9-16, Program: Aerojam
Page: 28-33, Program: Escapade
Page: 49-56, Program: Hotshot
Page: 74-82, Program: Quikwit
Page: 101-108, Program: Quikword
Page: 120-125, Program: Vertigo

More Arcade Games for your Commodore 64
Author: Brett Hale
Publisher: 1984 Corgi/Addison-Wesley
ISBN: 0-552-99127-9

Page: 1-8, Program: Encircle
Page: 9-19, Program: Fantasy Pinball
Page: 20-30, Program: Speedy Boulders
Page: 31-38, Program: Nuclear Attack
Page: 39-51, Program: Manoeuvre
Page: 52-67, Program: Barrel Jumper
Page: 68-81, Program: Bullet Heads
Page: 82-95, Program: Yackman
Page: 96-104, Program: Galaxy Robbers
Page: 105-114, Program: Sprite Creation (Not a Game)

More Games for Your Commodore 64
Author: Robert Young
Publisher: 1984 Interface Publications/Virgin Books
ISBN: 0-86369-036-X

Page: 15-18, Program: Rat Trails
Page: 19-22, Program: Space Shuttle
Page: 23-28, Program: Rally 2001
Page: 29-35, Program: Kidnapped
Page: 36-38, Program: Tail Gunner
Page: 39-40, Program: Hazard
Page: 41-43, Program: Battle Fear
Page: 44-48, Program: Trail of the Serpentine
Page: 49-53, Program: Space Ranger
Page: 54-56, Program: Colony
Page: 57-59, Program: Simple Simon
Page: 60-63, Program: Final Trial
Page: 64-66, Program: Breakout (aka Bust Out)
Page: 67-72, Program: Reversi
Page: 73-75, Program: Meteor Shower
Page: 76-79, Program: Aces High
Page: 80-82, Program: Club Squash
Page: 83-85, Program: Anagram Sam
Page: 86-91, Program: Depth Charge
Page: 92-94, Program: Luna Base
Page: 95-97, Program: St. Moritz

More than 32 BASIC Programs for the Commodore 64 Computer
Author: Phil Feldman, Tom Rugg & Western Systems Group
Publisher: 1983 dilithium Press
ISBN: 0-88056-112-2

Page: 131-138, Program: Argo
Page: 139-146, Program: Decode
Page: 155-163, Program: Groan
Page: 165-175, Program: Jot
Page: 177-183, Program: Obstacle
Page: 185-192, Program: Roadrace
Page: 193-201, Program: Wari

 Pastiempos y Juegos para el C-64 (Spanish)

Page: ??, Program: Leap

Penguin Book of Commodore 64 Games, The
Author: Robert Young & Paul Copeland
Publisher: 1983 Penguin Books
ISBN: 0-14-007890-8

Page: 1-17, Program: You-Draw
Page: 19-24, Program: Noughts and Crosses
Page: 25-30, Program: Evolution-Penultima (by Paul Copeland)
Page: 31-38, Program: Space-Venture
Page: 39-45, Program: Gamblers Delight
Page: 47-52, Program: Oil Rig
Page: 53-56, Program: Ten Pin Bowling
Page: 57-58, Program: Runaround
Page: 59-61, Program: Cubist
Page: 63-64, Program: Magic Square
Page: 65-67, Program: Cat and Mouse
Page: 69-71, Program: Flip
Page: 73-75, Program: Hangman
Page: 77-80, Program: Breakout
Page: 81-90, Program: Red Alert
Page: 91-99, Program: Symbol Match
Page: 101-106, Program: Al-Khwarizmi

PCW Games Collection for the Commodore 64
Author: Various Authors
Publisher: 1984 Personal Computer World and Century Communications Ltd.
ISBN: 0-7126-0622-X

Page: 4-13, Program: Rotate (by Jeremy Hammett)
Page: 14-23, Program: Splash! (by Jeremy Hammett)
Page: 24-29, Program: Window Cleaner (by Greg Hopkins)
Page: 30-40, Program: Pursuit Ship (by Jeremy Hammett)
Page: 41-47, Program: Wordsearch (by Jeremy Hammett)
Page: 48-55, Program: Word Cracker (by Jeremy Hammett)
Page: 56-62, Program: Baby Monty (by Antony Crowther)
Page: 63-74, Program: Yahtzee
Page: 75-81, Program: Killer Satellites (by Gideon N Summerfield)
Page: 82-93, Program: Martian Attack (by Jeremy Hammett)
Page: 94-104, Program: Micro-Mouse (by Jeremy Hammett)
Page: 105-116, Program: Supalanda (by Jeremy Hammett)
Page: 117-125, Program: Gomoku (by Jeremy Hammett)
Page: 126-136, Program: Dogfight (by Jeremy Hammett)
Page: 137-147, Program: Race Chase (by Jeremy Hammett)
Page: 148-171, Program: Omniopoly (by Richard Smith)
Page: 172-181, Program: Missile Defender (by Jeremy Hammett)
Page: 182-191, Program: Plane Attack (by B. Houlsworth)
Page: 192-205, Program: Cosmic Chess (by Bob Chappell)
Page: 206-217, Program: Othello (by Alan Hickman)

Porter's Programs for the Commodore 64
Author: Kent Porter
Publisher: 1984 Signet

Page: ??, Program: Obstacle Course
Page: ??, Program: Shooting Gallery
Page: ??, Program: Math Drill

Power Plays on the Commodore 64
Author: Humphrey Walwyn
Publisher: 1984 Century Communications Ltd.
ISBN: 0-7126-0223-2

Page: 13-55, Program: Takeover
Page: 56-89, Program: Aggression
Page: 90-109, Program: Rail Roader
Page: 113-177, Program: Page One
Page: 178-222, Program: For Love or Money
Page: 223-251, Program: Energy Crisis

Stimulating Simulations for the Commodore 64
Author: C.W. Engel
Publisher: 1984 Hayden

Page: ??, Program: Soccer
Page: ??, Program: Art Auction
Page: ??, Program: Monster Chase
Page: ??, Program: Lost Treasure
Page: ??, Program: Gone Fishing
Page: ??, Program: Space Flight
Page: ??, Program: Forest Fire
Page: ??, Program: Nautical Navigation
Page: ??, Program: Business Management
Page: ??, Program: Rare Birds
Page: ??, Program: Diamond Thief
Page: ??, Program: Devil's Dungeon, The

Sixty Programs for the Commodore 64
Author: Robert Erskine, Humphrey Walwyn with Paul Stanley, Michael Bews
Publisher: 1983 Pan Books
ISBN: 0-330-28358-8

Page: 7-21, Program: Soccer Supremo (by Dave A. Ponting)
Page: 22-26, Program: Nightfighter (by Humphrey Walwyn)
Page: 27-34, Program: Bridges (by Humphrey Walwyn)
Page: 35-39, Program: Grenadier (by Humphrey Walwyn)
Page: 40-47, Program: Cheshire Cats (by I. Frost)
Page: 48-53, Program: Horse Race (by Paul Stanley & David Buck)
Page: 54-58, Program: Christmas Eve (by David A. Ponting)
Page: 59-61, Program: Buzzy Bee (by Paul Roper)
Page: 62-67, Program: Heli-Bombers!
Page: 68-70, Program: Sheepdog Trials (by Dave Hodgkinson & Robert Erskine)
Page: 71-77, Program: Hangman (by Dave A. Ponting)
Page: 78-85, Program: Evolution 1
Page: 86-91, Program: Evolution 2
Page: 92-99, Program: Evolution 3 (by Geoff Amabilino)
Page: 100-110, Program: History Cross (by Humphrey Walwyn)
Page: 111-115, Program: Blitz (by Humphrey Walwyn)
Page: 116-126, Program: Scuba
Page: 127-133, Program: Plot Planner (Not a Game) (by Humphrey Walwyn)
Page: 134-143, Program: Top Trainer (by Humphrey Walwyn)
Page: 144-148, Program: Battleships (by Andrew Green)
Page: 149-152, Program: Galaxians
Page: 153-157, Program: Countabout (by Humphrey Walwyn)
Page: 158-164, Program: Tanx (by Dave A. Ponting)
Page: 165-171, Program: Stellar Run (by Humphrey Walwyn)
Page: 172-178, Program: Flying Geese
Page: 179-185, Program: Show Sign (Not a Game)
Page: 186-189, Program: Invasion (by Paul Roper)
Page: 190-195, Program: Roots (Not a Game) (by Richard D. Parratt)
Page: 196-198, Program: Anagrammatic (Not a Game) (by Humphrey Walwyn)
Page: 199-201, Program: Biorhythms (Not a Game) (by Robert Erskine)
Page: 202-205, Program: Bulls and Cows (by Robert Erskine & David Buck)
Page: 206-219, Program: Endings (by Humphrey Walwyn)
Page: 220-222, Program: Omnicalendar (Not a Game) (by Humphrey Walwyn)
Page: 223-226, Program: Moonlander (by Robert Erskine & Paul Roper)
Page: 227-232, Program: Alien (by Geoff Amabilino)
Page: 233-236, Program: Naughts & Crosses (by David Gristwood)
Page: 237-243, Program: Picture Pairs (by David Gristwood)
Page: 244-247, Program: Bricklayer (by Robert Erskine)
Page: 248-251, Program: Drag Racer (by Robert Erskine & I. Frost)
Page: 252-255, Program: Exocet (by Robert Erskine & I. Frost)
Page: 256-264, Program: Numbers (Not a Game) (by Geoff Amabilino)
Page: 265-272, Program: Championship Boxing (by Robert Erskine)
Page: 273-275, Program: Duel (by Ian Yates)
Page: 276-279, Program: Fall Guy
Page: 280-289, Program: Radiopower (by Humphrey Walwyn)
Page: 290-296, Program: Swordsman (by Humphrey Walwyn)
Page: 297-300, Program: Newmarket (by Humphrey Walwyn)
Page: 301-309, Program: Division One (by Humphrey Walwyn)
Page: 310-317, Program: Dog-Fight Duel
Page: 318-327, Program: Asset Stripper
Page: 328-331, Program: Fives (by Richard D. Parratt)
Page: 332-336, Program: Tug-of-War (by Paul Stanley)
Page: 337-350, Program: Mushroom Attack
Page: 351-357, Program: Postman (by David A. Ponting)
Page: 358-364, Program: Energy Field (by David A. Ponting)
Page: 365-368, Program: Paypackets (Not a Game) (by Humphrey Walwyn)
Page: 369-373, Program: Dambusters (by Paul Stanley & David Buck)

Step-By-Step Programming - Commodore 64 - Book 2
Author: Phil Cornes
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Limited

Page: ??, Program: Hangman
Page: ??, Program: Pot Shots & Sub Sinker

Step-By-Step Programming - Commodore 64 Graphics - Book 4
Author: Phil Cornes
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Limited
ISBN: 0-86318-088-4

Page: 18-19, Program: Sprite Darts
Page: 20-23, Program: Fruit Machine

StMichael Computer Games Micromasters
Author: Patricia Grady
Publisher: 1984 Grisewood & Dempsey Limited

Page: 04-05, Program: Meteor Storm
Page: 06-07, Program: Alien Invaders
Page: 08-09, Program: Bananas (Not a Game)
Page: 10-11, Program: Spider's Web
Page: 12-13, Program: Target Practice
Page: 14-15, Program: Fortune-Teller (Not a Game)
Page: 16-17, Program: Grand Slalom
Page: 18-19, Program: Laser Locksmith
Page: 20-21, Program: Blockbuster (Not a Game)
Page: 22-23, Program: Mu Torere
Page: 24-25, Program: Cops and Robbers
Page: 26-27, Program: Sorcerer's Steps
Page: 28-29, Program: Parcel Drop
Page: 30-31, Program: Forgery

Supergiochi per il Commodore 64
Author: Jean-François Séhan
Publisher: 1985 Editsi - Editoriale per le scienze informatiche - S.r.l.
ISBN: 88-7688-601-X

Page: 2-9, Program: Canadair
Page: 10-14, Program: Bruco
Page: 15-21, Program: Incendio
Page: 22-26, Program: Autostrada
Page: 28-33, Program: Cane da Pastore
Page: 34-39, Program: Missionari e Cannibali
Page: 40-47, Program: Parità
Page: 48-52, Program: Campo di Carote
Page: 53-57, Program: Piranhas
Page: 58-65, Program: Awari
Page: 66-70, Program: Caccia al Tesoro
Page: 71-76, Program: Torri di Hanoi
Page: 77-81, Program: Gioco del 15
Page: 82-88, Program: Balistica
Page: 89-93, Program: L'operazione è Giusta
Page: 94-98, Program: Parole Nascoste
Page: 99-103, Program: Inversione
Page: 104-108, Program: Super Numero Segreto
Page: 110-116, Program: Jack-pot
Page: 117-124, Program: Baccarà
Page: 125-130, Program: Terza Corsa
Page: 132-137, Program: Generatore di SPRITES (Not a Game)
Page: 138-141, Program: Lavoro a maglia (Not a Game)
Page: 142-148, Program: Speranza di vita (Not a Game)
Page: 149-154, Program: Cucina (Not a Game)
Page: 155-159, Program: Pronostici (Not a Game)
Page: 160-165, Program: Bilancio familiare (Not a Game)
Page: 166-170, Program: Lavagna magica (Not a Game)
Page: 171-176, Program: Calendario (Not a Game)
Page: 177-182, Program: Morse (Not a Game)

Time Lost - A Computer Adventure
Author: Kris Austen Andrews, Arlan Keith Andrews, Sr., and Jospeh C. Giarratano
Publisher: 1984 Que Corporation
ISBN: 0-88022-074-0

Page: 85-89, Program: Battle at Stonehenge
Page: 96-100, Program: Attack of the Slime Creatures
Page: 104-108, Program: Peril of the Pitdemons
Page: 113-117, Program: Caverns of Carnage
Page: 124-128, Program: Escape
Page: 135-140, Program: Rockfall!

The Times Book of Computer Puzzles & Games for the Commodore 64
Author: Compiled by Robin Bradbeer and Harold Gale
Publisher: 1984 Guild Publishing Limited

Page: 7-13, Program: Shunting (by Rev. J. R. Jackson)
Page: 14-18, Program: Boxing (by P. Payne)
Page: 19-22, Program: Mousehunt (by S. A. Fisk)
Page: 23-28, Program: Good Shepherd (by Rev. S. Springett)
Page: 29-32, Program: Anagram (by P. Boocock)
Page: 33-37, Program: Boats (by B. Waring)
Page: 38-41, Program: Enigma (by A. Wallis)
Page: 42-46, Program: Cards (by S. Johnstone)
Page: 47-51, Program: Memory Square (by T. M. Reed)
Page: 52-56, Program: Diagonalle (by C. H. Stone)
Page: 57-60, Program: Amazin' (by C. Billenness)
Page: 61-65, Program: Mergers (by N. P. Bradley)
Page: 66-80, Program: The Worm's Progress (by A. Gladwell)
Page: 71-75, Program: Martians (by S. Hall)
Page: 76-81, Program: Jetman (by W. H. Jones)
Page: 82-85, Program: Planets (by P. J. Hill)
Page: 86-90, Program: Colourgrid (by M. A. King)
Page: 91-94, Program: Baths (by K. Kenyon)
Page: 95-99, Program: Insects (by E. S. Pledger)
Page: 100-103, Program: Seven Up (by D. Wilson)
Page: 104-107, Program: Word Hunt (by D. Curran)
Page: 108-110, Program: Coloured Tiles (by S. Lee)
Page: 111-114, Program: Letter Bingo (by A. Hemming)
Page: 115-119, Program: Anagrid (by L. Cornford)
Page: 120-123, Program: Carnumbers Bingo (by E. Larkham)
Page: 124-127, Program: Piggy Bank (by F. Mitchell)
Page: 128-132, Program: Parish Dance (by A. J. Phillips)
Page: 133-136, Program: Election (by T. Maher)
Page: 137-140, Program: Fund-raise (by D. Good)
Page: 141-145, Program: Greek Urn (by A. Harris)
Page: 146-150, Program: The Petrol Tank Puzzle (by V. Howes)
Page: 151-154, Program: Trains (by J. Randall)
Page: 155-158, Program: Waterfall (by K. Lee)

Weird Computer Games
Author: Jenny Tyler & Chris Oxlade
Publisher: Usborne Publishing Limited
ISBN: 0-86020-827-3

Page: 3, Program: Tower of Terror
Page: 4-5, Program: Skulls of the Pyramid
Page: 6-7, Program: Monster Wrestling (by Adrian Hall)
Page: 8-9, Program: Jaws
Page: 10-11, Program: Flying Witches
Page: 12-16, Program: Micro Puzzle (by Les Howarth)

Will you still love me when I'm 64
Author: Peter Gerrard
Publisher: 1985 Duckworth Home Computing
ISBN: 0-7156-1783-4

Page: 46-51, Program: Musical Hangman
Page: 57-60, Program: Musical Simon
Page: 110-113, Program: Reaction Timer
Page: 115-118, Program: Pestroy
Page: 118-124 , Program: Musicman

Winning Games on the Commodore 64
Author: Terry P. Barrett & Steve W. Colwill
Publisher: 1984 Ellis Horwood Ltd.
ISBN: 0-85312-695-X

Page: 108-112, Program: Demon Dozer
Page: 113-117, Program: 3D Tank Assault
Page: 118-123, Program: Sub Hunt
Page: 124-129, Program: Dog Fight
Page: 130-135, Program: Spider Hunt
Page: 136-141, Program: Dippy Dappy
Page: 142-143, Program: Fun Match (Not a Game)
Page: 144-145, Program: Guess My Number
Page: 146-150, Program: Bug Bovver
Page: 151-160, Program: Attack of the Tomato
Page: 161-163, Program: Paper, Rock, Scissors
Page: 164-175, Program: Searchlight
Page: 176-179, Program: Flip Flap
Page: 180-183, Program: Laser Spell
Page: 184-187, Program: Track Racer
Page: 188-196, Program: Mine Field
Page: 197-200, Program: Look Out!
Page: 201-204, Program: Drum Kit (Not a Game)
Page: 205-209, Program: Math Encounters
Page: 210-214, Program: Cosmic Dodge
Page: 215-221, Program: Galactic Battle

Winning Strategy Games on the Commodore 64
Author: Paul W. J. Smith & Toby Matthews
Publisher: 1984 Ellis Horwood Ltd.
ISBN: 0471815314

Page: ??, Program: Broker (by Toby Matthews)
Page: ??, Program: Computer League (by Paul W. J. Smith)
Page: ??, Program: Elderberry House (by Paul W. J. Smith)
Page: ??, Program: Feudal Kingdom (by Paul W. J. Smith)
Page: ??, Program: Grand Prix (by Toby Matthews)
Page: ??, Program: MGC (by Toby Matthews)
Page: ??, Program: Oil Strike (by Paul W. J. Smith)
Page: ??, Program: Survival - Air Crash (by Paul W. J. Smith)
Page: ??, Program: Treasure Trove (by Paul W. J. Smith)
Page: ??, Program: Tyrant (by Toby Matthews)

Write Your Own Adventure Programs for Your Microcomputer
Author: Jenny Tyler & Les Howarth
Publisher: Usborne Publishing Limited
ISBN: 0-86020-741-2

Page: 33-37, Program: Haunted House

Write Your Own Fantasy Games for Your Microcomputer
Author: Les Howarth and Cheryl Evans
Publisher: Usborne Publishing Limited
ISBN: 1-85123-031-9

Page: ??, Program: Dungeon of Doom

Write Your Own Program Beginning Basic Space Journey
Author: Gary Marshall
Publisher: 1984 Aladdin books Ltd

Page: ??, Program: Shuttle Launch

Write Your Own Program Creating a Database Adventure Game
Author: Steve Rodgers and Marcus Milton
Publisher: 1985 Aladdin books Ltd

Page: ??, Program: Neptune's Caverns

Write Your Own Program Moving Graphics Alien Invaders
Author: Marcus Milton
Publisher: 1985 Aladdin books Ltd
ISBN: 0-531-03491-7

Page: 40-41, Program: Alien Invaders

Write Your Own Program Graphics Hangman
Author: Mike Duck
Publisher: 1984 Aladdin books Ltd

Page: ??, Program: Hangman

Writing Strategy Games on Your Commodore 64
Author: John White
Publisher: 1984 Sunshine Books
ISBN: 0-946408-54-8

Page: 23-25, Program: Noughts and Crosses
Page: 26-30, Program: Race
Page: 68-70, Program: Hexapawn
Page: 80-85, Program: Book Opening
Page: 118-130, Program: Warp Trog

Zappers for the Commodore 64
Author: Henry Mullish & Herbert Cooper
Publisher: 1984 Simon & Schuster
ISBN: 0-671-50714-1

Page: 15-20, Program: Now You See It
Page: 21-28, Program: Find a Word
Page: 29-34, Program: Elapsed Days (Not a Game)
Page: 35-39, Program: Hailstones (Not a Game)
Page: 40-46, Program: Typing Test
Page: 47-55, Program: Lander
Page: 56-62, Program: Magic Squares (Not a Game)
Page: 63-68, Program: Penetrate
Page: 69-74, Program: Bagels
Page: 75-84, Program: Craps
Page: 85-91, Program: Hi-Lo
Page: 92-101, Program: Biorhythms (Not a Game)
Page: 102-111, Program: Hangman
Page: 112-121, Program: Run Harry
Page: 122-125, Program: Wallpapers (Not a Game)
Page: 126-132, Program: Simon Says
Page: 133-139, Program: Math Whiz
Page: 140-146, Program: Phone-y Words (Not a Game)
Page: 147-156, Program: Tic-Tac-Toe
Page: 157-165, Program: One-Armed Bandit
Page: 166-170, Program: Print-a-Month (Not a Game)
Page: 171-177, Program: Find Harry
Page: 178-183, Program: Scrambler
Page: 184-193, Program: Lottery
Page: 194-203, Program: Concentration
Page: 204-209, Program: Etcher (Not a Game)
Page: 210-218, Program: Mosaic
Page: 219-224, Program: Feed Harry
Page: 225-232, Program: Morse Code (Not a Game)
Page: 233-238, Program: Pi in the Sky